Alternative fuels

Alternative Fuel Types

· Gasoline

· Diesel

· Ethanol (E85)

· Natural Gas (CNG or LNG)

· Methanol

· Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LNG)

Alternative Fuel Configurations

· Dedicated Fuel

· Mixed Fuel

· Dual Fuel

· Bi-Fuel

Key Product Characteristics (KPCs)

· Vehicle Specifications (MPG, HP, Torque, Emissions and Performance)

· Local Regulatory Compliance (FMVSS, EPA, CARB, EU, etc.)

· ISO/TS 16949 Compliant Documentation

· Industry Engineering Standards (SAE, SME)

· Project Management Compliant (PMI)

· Financial Return Map

Intellectual Property Deliverable Elements

· Customized Engine Calibration Model

· Wiring Configuration and Components

· Plumbing Configuration and Components

· Fuel Storage Configuration and Components

· Technical Documentation Package

· Assembly or Conversion Plant Operations

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