Flexible bridge vehicles

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What is a Flexible Bridge Vehicle?

 Multiple fuel systems at the same level of vehicle performance

 —Not limited by fuel availability

 —Seamless transition between fuels during all driving modes

 —Flexible usage of vehicle

 —Only one engine, not a multi engine hybrid configuration with complexities

Alternative Fuel System

 Local Alternative Fuel Scenario

 Alternative Fuel Configuration

 Specific Vehicle Application Usage

 Intellectual Property

 Engine Calibration Model

 Wiring Configuration

 Plumbing Configuration

 Fuel Storage Configuration

Vehicle Types and Kit Engines

 Passenger Vehicles

 Medium Duty Workhorse Trucks

 Class 8 On-Highway Trucks

 Heavy Duty Vehicles

 Passenger Bus

Customers of Bridge Vehicles

 Small Fleet Vehicle Owners

 Medium Fleet Vehicle Owners

 Class 8 Independent Truckers